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Charged with a DUI Offense in Southern California?

If you have been arrested for a DUI crime, you have come to the right place. Our attorneys work with people just like you every day who have been accused of DUI and related offenses. If you are facing charges for any of the following crimes, we can help you:

  • California Vehicle Code Section 23152 – Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • California Vehicle Code Section 23153 – Driving under the influence with injuries
  • California Vehicle Code Section 23103 – Reckless driving
  • California Vehicle Code Section 23140 – Driving under the influence under the age of 21
  • California's Penal Code Section 191.5 – Vehicular Manslaughter

Where We Practice

Our attorneys work with clients all over Southern California, and visit local courts every day. We handle DUI related cases all over the region, including these counties and cities:

  • Imperial County Kern County
    • Bakersfield
    • Porterville
  • Los Angeles County
    • Los Angeles
    • Long Beach
    • Glendale
    • Santa Clarita
    • Pomona Santa
    • Monica
  • Orange County
    • Anaheim
    • Santa Ana
    • Irvine
    • Huntington Beach
  • Riverside County
    • Riverside
    • Moreno Valley
  • San Bernardino County
    • San Bernardino
    • Fontana
  • San Diego County
    • San Diego
    • Chula Vista
  • San Luis Obispo County
  • Santa Barbara County
    • Santa Maria
  • Ventura County
    • Oxnard
    • Ventura

Our Locations

For you convenience, we have three locations in Southern California. We do not require our clients to come to our offices for meetings. In fact, many attorneys will come to where ever is convenient for you.  Our office locations are as follows:

Beverly Hills Office

8383 Wilshire Blvd.
Suite 649
Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(310) 824-8896

Thousand Oaks (Administrative Office)

101 Moody Court
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
(818) 206-9222

San Fernando Valley Office (Principal Office)

31229 Cedar Valley Drive
Westlake Village, CA 91362
(818) 715-0018

Why Hire a Lawyer with Local Experience?

Our legal team works with clients and courts all over Southern California. The more lawyers deal with specific courts, the more they understand the dynamics of that particular court. They establish relationships with the employees there and get to understand the best way to handle cases. They can even get to know the prosecutors that work in that particular court and what kind of results they can expect from them.

In Ventura County, for example, the DMV reports that zero DUI cases resulted in reckless driving charges in 2010 as opposed to 12% in San Diego for that same period.  If you have a case in San Diego, an experienced attorney would know to push for a reduced charge. DUI sentencing is not always fair, so having a lawyer who is knowledgeable about your particular situation is always a good idea.

For example, some courts are more likely to offer plea bargains of reduced sentencing like reckless driving and other courts will never allow this. If an attorney knows that this is possible, they will work to get their clients plea bargains instead of pursing a trial.

This is beneficial to the client in many ways as they are given a realistic picture of their case by an attorney who understands because of experience. They are also most likely to get the best results working with a lawyer who knows a lot about the court you are being charged in.

Our legal team is made up of many attorneys. Each has their own established relationships and strengths. We work as a team to provide superior care to every one of our clients. Having a team of professionals means that we are able to have experience in many courts all through the region.

Southern California DUI Lawyer

If you have been arrested for a DUI or DUI related crime in Southern California, call us right now. Immediate action is required in order to save your driver's license and get you the results that you want. If you are driving and are stopped by police and are found to have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or more, you will be arrested and charged with DUI. A DUI charge can be a different experience depending on the court that you are being charged in. Some courts treat DUI offenses more seriously than others.  For example, in 2010 96.8% of all first time DUI offenders in Riverside County were sentenced to at least some jail time. During that same period, 38.2% of all first time offenders in Orange County received jail time. There are a number of reasons for these differences such as number of DUI cases seen in the court or even a bias on the part of the judge or D.A.

We strive to make the entire process as easy for you as we can. That is why we have offices all over the state so you do not have to worry about a long commute to see your California DUI attorney. Call our office now or complete the form in the side bar and you will be put in touch with an attorney who will fight for you.


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    Troy did an outstanding job in representing my brother. My family does not have enough words that can show our appreciation for Troy. He was superbly efficient and professional in our case. My brother’s case was victorious due to his dedication and perseverance throughout the entire time handling... Read On

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