The Lawyer a Paralegal Would Always Retain

Troy Slaten is a knowledgeable and incredibly smart attorney that sees his clients as people and gets to know them instead of looking at them as case numbers or dollar signs. As a paralegal, I know what to look for and what to avoid when retaining an attorney. To my surprise, Troy Slaten was the one who gave me my initial free consultation. I did not speak to a legal assistant or paralegal (they cannot give out legal advice), I spoke directly with Mr. Slaten. After speaking with him, relaying my fears and concerns, Mr. Slaten put into effect a stellar plan of action. His understanding of the principality of the legal system is unrivaled and it is no surprise that he holds a high esteem with many others in the legal system. Needless to say, Mr. Slaten achieved a victory in court on my behalf and throughout the process he ALWAYS made time to take my calls or return them immediately. He continues to do so whenever I have any legal questions. Throughout the process, I did not speak to any other associate, a paralegal; only Troy Slaten who was my attorney. Not only is he victorious in the courts, Troy Slaten is also a legal correspondent for the E! Entertainment Network. I thank God that I retained Troy Slaten. Anyone who is looking for a real, sincere, compassionate, and superbly effective attorney should hire Troy Slaten.

I recommend Troy Slaten.
I hired Troy 1-3 years ago.
Troy handled my DUI / DWI matter.
I have previously worked with 6-10 lawyers.

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