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Have you been arrested for drunk driving in Santa Clarita? If so, call Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP now and speak to an experienced  attorney. Santa Clarita is the 3rd largest city in L.A. County and is a very fast growing area. Many people are choosing to move to places like Santa Clarita and still commute to their jobs in more urban areas like Los Angeles. As a result, more people are on the roads every day and this leads to more DUI arrests.

According to California DMV data, in 2010 1,245 people were convicted of misdemeanor DUI in Santa Clarita Court and another 12 were convicted of felony DUI. A DUI conviction in Santa Clarita can result in harsh sentencing. Even if you have a clean driving record, you could face license suspension, community service, fines and fees, DUI driving classes, drug or alcohol treatment and more. In 2010, 39% of people convicted of DUI in Santa Clarita criminal court received a sentence of at least some jail time and 96% received at least some probation. If you are concerned about losing your license, you should know that you only have 10 days to request a DMV Hearing or else face immediate license suspension. After a DUI arrest, make sure that you call an experienced Santa Clarita DUI attorney right away to find out more about the penalties that you face.

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Santa Clarita DUI Charges

First DUI: A first time DUI offense can result in serious penalties that include license suspension, jail time, fines, community service, probation and more. Even first time offenders can find themselves in a lot of trouble when facing a DUI charge alone.

Repeat DUI: Each time that you are convicted of a DUI affects the sentence you will receive for each new DUI charge. When you are arrested for DUI in Santa Clarita, your criminal record will be reviewed up to ten years back. Multiple DUI convictions can even result in a felony DUI charge.

Felony DUI: There are several situations that can result in your receiving felony DUI charges. If you have multiple DUI convictions, for example, or if you cause a serious accident. Most DUI charges are ruled as misdemeanors in Santa Clarita, but some can be severe enough to warrant felony charges. Felonies are the most serious classification of charge.

Drug Related DUI: Drug intoxication can negatively affect your ability to drive. Santa Clarita police can arrest you for suspected drug DUI if they believe that you are under the influence of illegal or legal drugs. You can be charged for prescription drug DUI even if you have a prescription for them.

DUI Accidents: An accident that is caused by a DUI driver can mean serious consequences for the driver at fault. The more severe the accident, the harsher the punishment you will receive. Serious injury or death can even result in felony charges.

Under 21 DUI: If you are under the age of 21 and are stopped by police for driving with a BAC over .01%, you can be charged with underage 21. Even low BAC underage DUI charges result in license suspension and other long term consequences. When it comes to your child's future, make sure that you have the best legal care possible.

Commercial DUI: Commercial drivers have their own set of DUI laws including a lower legal BAC limit than regular drivers. Commercial DUI drivers will face license suspension and even put their jobs in jeopardy if they are convicted of DUI.

DUI Defenses in Santa Clarita

Any type of DUI offense can result in harsh sentences and long term negative effects. The best way to avoid theses consequences is to fight your charges with the aid of a  lawyer. When you hire an attorney from our firm, you are getting a dedicated team of professionals who will stop at nothing to build a strong defense for you. When the prosecution sees that you have experienced and professional representation and begins to see how difficult proving your charges in court will be, you are more likely to get a plea deal or reduced charges.

By calling Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP, you are taking control of your defense. You should never plead guilty to a DUI offense, even if you think that you are. Instead, you should hire a DUI defense lawyer who will fight for you. There are many things that an attorney can do for you from coaching you how to plead to working with the prosecution to get you a good deal. A  DUI attorney can even help you get your license returned to you sooner. Best of all, you can call Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP now for a free DUI consultation.

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