• I was so dispirited by having been wrongfully accused. I had broken no law and done nothing wrong. I was ready to plead and just get it over with, then I talked to Slaten. He worked for a year and, in the end, won a dismissal. Nothing on my record. He's terrific. Read On

  • I had 2 duis, the second one being while on probation and I saw really no hope of getting out of this without jail time. Troy took on my case and worked with me with the million questions I had. He has a lot of knowledge he told me everything I need to do and I didnt have to go back to jail. I wa... Read On

  • Troy did an outstanding job in representing my brother. My family does not have enough words that can show our appreciation for Troy. He was superbly efficient and professional in our case. My brother’s case was victorious due to his dedication and perseverance throughout the entire time handling... Read On

  • When I got my DUI I had no idea what I was supposed to do. I had a buddy tell me about this amazing lawyer that was able to help him out with his case. Troy went after my case like a shark and represented me like I was family. I wouldn't ever recommend any attorney except Troy. Thank you to him f... Read On

  • I am convinced I would be sitting in jail if it wasn't for Mr. Slaten. Not only did he get my fine reduced and sentence he was vigilant that I participate in a recovery program. He even called me to check in and see how I was, after my case was complete. For every question I had Troy knew the l... Read On

  • If my son was on trial for murder Troy would be the attorney that I'd want to represent us. Troy is knowledgable and is a fighter; he's not intimated by the courts and he'll use an array of defenses to get the best possible outcome on your case. Read On

  • Troy Slaten is a knowledgeable and incredibly smart attorney that sees his clients as people and gets to know them instead of looking at them as case numbers or dollar signs. As a paralegal, I know what to look for and what to avoid when retaining an attorney. To my surprise, Troy Slaten was th... Read On

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