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According to the California DMV's 2011 Annual report, 532 people were convicted of DUI and DUI related crimes in Glendale court in 2010. Of those, the majority of offenders were charged with misdemeanor DUI. Glendale court averages about 103 days to complete the DUI process.

Even a first time DUI charge can result in jail time, fines and license suspension. You will likely also have to perform community service, attending alcohol treatment classes or DUI school and be on informal probation for three years. 31.5% of DUI offenders in 2010 were sentenced to jail time by Glendale court. 97.1% of offenders received probation. Glendale lawmakers look to crack down on DUI and discourage repeat offenders so if you are arrested for DUI and already have a conviction on your record, you will face even steeper penalties and longer periods of jail and probation.

If you are stopped by police in Glendale and they observe systems of intoxication such as confusion or slurred speech, they will evaluate you for DUI. If you fail a field sobriety test or have a BAC over the legal limit, you will be arrested for DUI. Under California's Vehicle Code sections 23152 VC, 23153 VC and 23140 VC, the legal limits for BAC in Glendale are:

  • Over 21 years of age: .08%
  • Under 21 years of age: .01%
  • Commercial vehicle driver: .04% DUI

Charges in Glendale

First DUI: Even first time DUI offenders can face jail time and other serious penalties. In 2010, 366 people were convicted for first time DUI in Glendale Superior Court. 98.1% of those offenders were sentenced to probation and 95.1% were also sentenced to complete a DUI education class.

Second DUI: For every previous DUI conviction you have in the past 10 years, the sentence for a subsequent DUI offense will be greater. After four DUI arrests, you can even be charged with a felony DUI. In 2010, 19% of DUI offenders convicted in Glendale court were 2nd time offenders. 5.2% of convictions that same year were for 3rd or 4th time DUI offenders.

Felony DUI: In 2010, .04% of all DUI convictions in Glendale court were for felony charges. Felony charges are the most serious charges that you can face. Felonies can result in a year of prison, license suspension and more. In addition, the stigma of convicted felon will follow you for the rest of your life.

DUI Accidents: If you are involved in an accident and are found to have an elevated BAC, you will be charged with DUI and causing the accident due to intoxication. If there is serious injury or death, you could also face vehicular manslaughter charges.

Under 21 DUI: Juveniles under the age of 21 must follow a zero tolerance drinking and driving policy. If you are underage and stopped by Glendale police with even a small amount of alcohol in your system, you will be charged with underage DUI.

Commercial DUI: Commercial drivers have their own set of DUI laws. Anyone operating a commercial vehicle with a BAC of .04% or greater can be charged with DUI. A DUI conviction will result in a minimum of 6 months of commercial license suspension and commercial drivers are not eligible for work-restricted licenses.

DUI and Drugs: DUI charges can arise from drug intoxication as well as alcohol. Prescription and even over the counter drugs can cause intoxication leading to drug related DUI as well. In 2011, drugs were involved in about 25% of all fatal vehicle crashes in California.

Glendale Criminal Courts

Criminal cases such as DUI are heard in superior courts in California as they are the only courts that seats juries. The superior court for the North Central District of Los Angeles County is located in Glendale. This court also hears civil and traffic cases.

North Central District - Glendale Courthouse

600 East Broadway
Glendale, CA 91206
Phone: (818) 500-3541
Hours: Mon – Fri 8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Hire A DUI Attorney in Glendale

If you have been arrested for any of these charges in Glendale, call our office now. We work hard to fight the evidence against you and get you the results you want. When you are charged with DUI, the most crucial evidence is generally the sobriety test results. Our Glendale attorneys have a thorough understanding of sobriety testing and how mistakes are made. We look for potential errors in the results and challenge them in court.

An experienced lawyer can do a lot to help your case. Whether it is building a defense to fight the charges or helping you get preferential sentencing for pleading ‘guilty', our we will work for you. Best of all we offer free consultations to all of our perspective DUI clients. The sooner you call, the sooner we can begin fighting for you.

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