Firefighter Facing DUI with Injury Charges in San Francisco

Posted by Troy Slaten | Oct 29, 2013 | 0 Comments

There have been stories in the past of police officers and other law enforcement employees losing their jobs for driving under the influence. But this most recent story from San Francisco is one step beyond. 50 year old Jack Frazier was riding his motorcycle in June when a San Francisco Fire Department fire truck driven by Michael Quinn ran through a red light and hit him. Quinn then fled the scene in the fire truck. When he was found, he tested over the legal limit for alcohol intoxication. On top of that, there is video evidence of him at a local bar right after the accident drinking a lot of water, presumably to water down the alcohol in his system.

The fire department has placed Quinn on administrative leave while they investigate the case. Meanwhile, the victim suffered:

several broken ribs, a punctured lung, broken leg, ankle, foot and neck and back injuries. His recovery has been difficult.

"He's been twice re-hospitalized since spending about a month in the hospital initially after this accident," attorney Jim Romag said.

Recently, Frazier has filed a lawsuit against Quinn and the City of San Francisco. Not only did he experience severe injuries, but no criminal charges have yet to be filed on the truck driver. If this was a case of a regular person committing a hit and run and a DUI with injury, they would have been arrested right away.

Laws should apply to everyone, not just regular citizens. Many people involved in this case think that other firefighters were trying to protect Quinn and help him avoid taking a sobriety test because he was very intoxicated. Hours after the crash, when his blood alcohol concentration was finally measured, be had a BAC of .15. This is still over the limit, but considering the time that had passed plus the fact that he was seen chugging water may lead people to believe that he would have had an extremely high BAC immediately after the accident.

Hopefully, Quinn will soon be both relieved from his job as a firefighter and charged with his crimes. In the meantime, the victim's lawyer will work to keep this case in the news.

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