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Posted by Troy Slaten | Jul 23, 2013 | 0 Comments

A recent article talks about how police are getting creative and setting up checkpoints in places drivers would not expect to find one. Along with regular traffic stops, police make the most DUI arrests at sobriety DUI checkpoints. A checkpoint is a roadblock put in place by police in order to check drivers for signs of impairment. Often, each car traveling down the road will be stopped and the driver will be asked to show his/her license. Officers will also use this opportunity to evaluate the driver for DUI. Sobriety checkpoints are the cheapest and easiest way for police to get DUI arrests.

California police officers will generally decide to set up a sobriety checkpoint during a holiday weekend or late at night when people are most likely on their way home after a night of drinking. They will choose areas that they feel they will have the greatest chance of catching drivers who have been drinking. This means police will set up on popular road by bars, nightclubs and other common late night attractions. But according to this article, some law enforcement are choosing to set up in side streets and other areas where drunk drivers may decide to drive.

It is important to remember that sobriety checkpoints must still follow certain protocol and cannot be set up on the spur of the moment. This is considered an illegal stop and a  DUI attorney can often get DUI arrests made at an unauthorized sobriety checkpoint dismissed.

If you are planning a night out and are curious about sobriety checkpoints you might encounter, search the internet or read a local newspaper. You can even check the local police's website. Checkpoints are often advertised in advance as a deterrent for people not to drink and drive. For example, if you know the local road by your house will have a checkpoint, police believe you will stay at home to drink or get a designated driver to bring you home. Like anything, checkpoint mistakes can be made and innocent people can be arrested for DUI..

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