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There are 10 counties in Southern California. The circumstances of your DUI case can vary depending on in what county you are arrested. Different counties have different ways of handling DUI cases. 2011 statistics reported by the California DMV give an overview of DUI in each county.

Imperial County – Imperial County has one of the longest time periods between an arrest and conviction – 127 days. In 2011 73.8% of all people arrested for DUI were Hispanic. In most other counties in California, the majority of DUI suspects were white. This may be because of the high percentage of Hispanics in the county but may also suggest some racial bias. Between 2010 and 2011, DUI arrests in the county decreased by over 10%.

Kern County – Kern County has seen a drastic decrease in DUI arrests lately. A 21% decrease was reported from 2010 to 2011. This could be attributed to either less drivers on the road being intoxicated or a decrease in police enforcement of DUI. It also has one of the shortest DUI process periods, averaging only 32 days in 2010 between arrest and conviction.

Los Angeles County – Los Angeles County is one of the largest counties in California and also is responsible for the most DUI arrests. In 2011, for example, more than 22% of all DUI arrests in the state took place in L.A. County. Though this number is high, only 0.7% of license drivers were arrested in 2011 compared to the state average of .08%.

Orange County – Orange County is one of the few counties in California that saw an increase in the number of DUI arrests made between 2010 and 2011. It also has a high conviction rate for DUI offenders. In 2010, the DMV reported Orange County had a DUI conviction rate that was more that 10% higher than the state average.

Riverside County – The average DUI offender was a Hispanic or white male aged 21 to 30. 5.6% of all arrests in California in 2011 occurred in Riverside County which is one of the higher percentages.  However, this is likely due to the population size because the number of arrests per 100 license drivers was 0.8%, the same as the state average.

San Bernardino County – In 2011, 6.6% of DUI arrests were made in San Bernardino County. The average time period from arrest to conviction for a DUI charge in the county was 143 days in 2010. It has a lower conviction rate than the average in California. In 2010 it was 67.2% versus an average of 73.1%.

San Diego County – San Diego County had the third highest number of DUI arrests in 2011, 2.4% of which were for felony DUI charges. In 2010, only 17.3%of first time DUI offenders were sentenced to jail time and over 95% were granted probation. In 2010 the second highest number (538) of serious DUI accidents took place in the county.

Santa Barbara County - Santa Barbara County saw a 15.9% decrease in DUI arrests from 2010 to 2011. Most offenders were male and in their 20s.  In 2010, about 28% of all people arrested for DUI were repeat offenders which is slightly higher than average. Perhaps it is because only 72.9% of first time offenders receive jail time.

San Luis Obispo County – Unlike the state average of 8%, San Luis Obispo County only saw a 3.9% decrease in DUI arrests from 2010 to 2011. It also has a higher than average number of wet reckless convictions – 10.7% in 2010. This likely means that prosecutors are open to offering plea bargains.

Ventura County - Ventura County has a very high DUI conviction rate. In 2010, it was 84.5% for the county while the average for California was only 73.1%. There were also zero wet reckless convictions in that year. These statistics often mean that District Attorneys for that county do not offer plea bargains and prosecute all DUI offenses.

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Whether you are facing a first time DUI offense or are a repeat offender accused of causing a DUI accident, hiring a lawyer is always a good idea. Our attorneys will work hard to get you the results that you want. Our attorneys begin building your defense by looking at your arrest from every angle. We work to question all of the evidence against you and fight to establish a reasonable doubt.

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